Novel Coronavirus Policy

Moving back to in-rooms care - telehealth also still available

As experienced telehealth providers we were able to instantly migrate to a 100% telehealth-based model at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With the relaxation of social distancing guidelines we are now once again offering in-rooms care as a default although telehealth is still available to any patient who prefers it. Physical examination may still be necessary and we will make arrangements for this if required.

If you do come to our rooms for care, rest assured that strict hygiene and infection control measures are being followed. This includes social distancing in the waiting room, provision of hand sanitiser, disinfection of examination equipment and patient facing surfaces between patients, hand washing, and appropriate use of disposable personal protective equipment.


We charge a co-payment in addition to the medicare rebate for all services - telehealth or in person. Telehealth services are often more labour intensive than a standard office consult and as a result consultation via either method attracts the same fee. You will be provided with a price estimate at the time of booking.

We know that many of our patients are financially hurting at present. We usually remember to ask but please let us know if this affects you during the consultation. Our highest priority is ensuring your access to medical care.

Health Statement

We are so proud to be part of this wonderful country where we have all come together to follow public health, medical and government advice. Thanks to the community, most doctors have only had to save lives from coronavirus by staying home like everyone else. We are beyond grateful to everyone for the gift of our ongoing safety, physical and mental health.


Please keep up the good work and:

DO NOT physically attend the rooms if you are sick

Observe handwashing and social distancing

Coronavirus testing is widely available and quick - if in doubt, get tested

Download the COVIDSafe app.